ITBeep-Enhanced SMS
  • Attach Files to Your Text Messages
    You can attach almost any file: pictures, videos, audios, URLs and more.
    No need to send expensive MMS messages.


There are many good reasons to use Enhanced SMS to communicate with your customers

Better response by customers

Send photos and videos to customers gives more responsiveness and interaction.

Pay Only for Texts

Adding an attachment to your text message costs nothing extra.

Increased efficiency

Automated IT mobile business solution.

Delivery Receipts

Delivery Receipts with a date stamp on when the link was opened, how many times it was clicked.

Share Files Quickly

Quickly deliver business files and promotions to your audience.


SMSes are read faster than e-mails and physical letters.

Benefits of SMS

There are many good reasons to use SMS to communicate with your customers

keeping touch with your customers

A great way to connect and communicate with your customers.

Quite cost effective

This strategy is far cheaper than using direct marketing to let your customers know about your promotion.

Make your marketing promotion more effective

Marketing campaigns are much more successful when multiple channels are used.

Low Cost

Reduce costs and communicate with customers at a reduced price.


Can be personalised to the recipient and delivered to their pockets within seconds.

Flexible Platform

Targeted group or send thousands of SMS messages to your entire list.


We truly care about our customers

Send multimedia message

Send images , Videos , Audios , Long texts and Links

Easily add attachments

You can add attachments easily through select media type

Tracking who open link

Show who open your link and know his number.

How do text message attachments work?

As you would with an email, locate the file you want to attach from your computer and Messenger will convert this to a clickable link in the body of your text message. Your file will be securely hosted on our server so you don't have to worry about hosting the file online yourself.

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Pay as you go, No upfront fees

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