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  • Web Account,Android Application, SMPP Connection
    Many Ways To Send Bulk SMS
    Text message marketing service help you to connect with your clients
    and notify them about special deals .


There are many good reasons to use SMS to communicate with your customers

keeping touch with your customers

A great way to connect and communicate with your customers.

Quite cost effective

This strategy is far cheaper than using direct marketing to let your customers know about your promotion.

Make your marketing promotion more effective

Marketing campaigns are much more successful when multiple channels are used.

Low Cost

Reduce costs and communicate with customers at a reduced price.


Can be personalised to the recipient and delivered to their pockets within seconds.

Flexible Platform

Targeted group or send thousands of SMS messages to your entire list.


We truly care about our customers

950+ Networks in over 220+ Countries

Don’t worry where your customer they are.

Schedule Messages

Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined times.

Links with Tracking

Send Images and videos and more information and track each message.

Instant messages

Send messages, advertising, Notification, OTP verification and Alerts within seconds.

Sender IDs

Set your own business brand as the Sender ID.

DLR & Reporting

Track each message and make sure it’s delivered.

Contact Management

Classify your number and contact into lists.

White List

Add your bounced customer to whitelist to increase your customer satisfaction.

Save Money

Don’t waste your time looking for low price , here you get the best price with best service.

Many Ways To Send SMS

Enjoy with many ways to send sms messages

Web Account

Android application

SMPP Connection

Web Services


Excel Plugin

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